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Tips for keeping your birds in good health

Fresh water - it is vital that your birds have access to fresh, clean water at all times.  Water should be changed daily if possible and water containers scrubbed out using a combination of washing up liquid and poultry friendly disinfectant

Feed - Chick crumb from day old to approx 7 weeks.  7 weeks to 20 weeks require growers pellets, from 20 weeks or POL layers pellets are sufficient.  Wheat or corn can be fed as a treat feed, sprinkle a little to keep the birds occupied.  Wheat and corn should not be fed to birds under the age of 20 weeks where possible.  Always buy the best feed that your budget allows.  Higher feed value will not only assist laying but also keep your birds in top condition.

Grit - grit should be made available to birds should they not be free ranging.  Grit is vital to assist the birds digestive processes.

Draughts and damp - birds hate both, keep your birds in a draught free area but ensure there is adequate ventilation.  Ventilation should be provided at the top of houses so that the air can circulate.  Try to keep runs and houses damp free by regularly changing bedding and providing a dry outside run for them.

Garlic - is well known for its properties helpful to respiratory problems.  Dried, powdered garlic can be added to feed to help this.  It is also known to keep the flies away during the summer.  Best bought from equestrian shops as the food grade is too strong for poultry.

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