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Welcome to

Hi, my name is Tamsyn.  Welcome to my site.


I have been breeding poultry for 12+ years in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Over the years I have built up my collection of
pekin bantam, pure breed poultry, ducks and turkeys. 

My poultry keeping is a hobby and is not a commercial enterprise.  I am however, DEFRA registered.

I have started showing poultry 8 years ago and thoroughly enjoy that.  I have been to several shows and am enjoying successes and the experience of showing poultry.

I hope you enjoy the site. 

I have been busy studying for a degree over the last two years so now it is done (phew) I will be updating the site ready for the 2011 breeding season. 

All photos on this site are of my own birds and are my property.  They are not to be used without my permission.


Trevor the turkey stag showing off!!!

Blue Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam
She won her class at the National Dec 2007

Pekin Bantam are my favourite breed of poultry, good layers and brilliant broodies!!!
Please save to your favourites.  I will be adding new information on pekin bantam regularly and will have pekin bantam for sale.